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The aim of this international journal is to advance knowledge through research in the broad filed of Engineering, Science and Technology. This is a peer-reviewed journal which publishes both theoretical and experimental papers which focus on new ideas and techniques in the following areas

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Author Guidelines

Your paper must be prepared in the following order or sequence  and comply to all  undernoted  requirements  in order to make  it acceptable  to us .

1. The introduction

  • Contains :a. problem statement, objective  or research question.
  • Motivation or reasons behind your study provided
  • Does not  contain any figure or table
  • A paragraph stating  that your  findings is different from others with a distinctive contribution to the body of knowledge  is provided
  • A statement relating to how the paper is organized is provided

2. Literature Review

  • Adequate and relevant past studies (preferably after 2000) provided
  • Provided a paragraph describing how your research question or problem statement was not answered by the past studies
  • Hypotheses provided ( you can also provide them in methodology section)

3. Methodology:

  • Study/experiment period is for considerable period and recent .
  • Justification for experimentation/methods/process
  • Justification for  research method/experiments/process is provided
  • Show how you have improved previous paper/findings, if any,  

4. Results/ Analysis

  • Results/findings are convincing and well explained
  • Analysis supports or rejects hypotheses
  • Results are new  and contributes to body of  knowledge

5. Conclusion

  • Originality and timeliness are shown
  • Show how you have created or advanced knowledge
  • Show the implication of your research
  • Language is OK and Limitations of the study are provided

6. Referencing

Authors must follow the Harvard Style of Referencing and please refer to it as  provided in the journal’s relevant section.


Other Mandatory Requirements:

  1. The paper must not exceed 20 pages single spaced with references
  2. Insert tables, graphs, image, pictures in black ink  only within the body of the paper or Appendix
  3.  Provide those table, graphs, image, pictures  which are absolutely necessary
  4. Include more recent and relevant literature rather then old studies. Include more papers published after year 2000
  5. Revise and read- the paper at least 5 times to make sure that the paper is grammatically correct . Do not use complex sentence.  
  6. Ask your friend or colleague to read your paper and comment.


Who to Contact:

Send your  paper to Prof. Dr. Mohammad Z. Hoque via haqz53@gmail.com



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